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Beware of Fakes

At Power n Go we believe in our products and have spent extensive time researching and developing this product to the highest quality. Our manufacturing facility produces products that are distributed all over the world. We are the only distributor in Australia and New Zealand to sell the Power n Go Range. If you are buying a product from anywhere that is not on one stockist list, then its a fake copy and did not come from us.

Please beware there are lots of cheaper products out there and they will claim to be things that they are not. Just remember these are portable rechargers using batteries. The larger the output the bigger the units have to be to hold the batteries. eBay and many other places are flooded with power banks at cheap prices that are so small claiming a big output. Its simply not possible. Buy one of these at your peril. In a few weeks when your not happy try returning it for a refund, the postage costs to return the item will probably out weigh the cost of the item.

In saying this there are plenty of genuine sellers and products out there. You will spot them by their price.

We want to sell products that don't come back to customers that do.

We believe we are selling a quality product at a fair price and we endorse what they do and their ability to do it.